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Today, I’d like to talk about electrical safety as it relates to outlets in your home.

Access to electricity is often taken for granted in the home and commonly used in ways that are unsafe or even outright dangerous. These days we have an abundance of appliances and devices that use electricity to function in and around our homes. Houses that were built 20 or more years ago do not have the number of outlets we need to power all these devices. A common way to solve that is to use an “outlet adaptor”. Now, instead of having 2 outlets, we have 6 or more. However, the circuit we have plugged the adapter into is not designed to have that many outlets and is now overloaded.

This can have dangerous consequences.

Another common “fix” to get power to devices in our homes is to run an extension cord to our stereo, TV, or something that is not close enough to an outlet. A major problem here is that the commonly sold “household” extension cord has very thin wires and can also become overloaded. More dangerous than that, the cords are easily damaged by stepping on them. Putting the cords under a rug or mat is a common cause of electrical fires in homes.


The safer solution is to call your electrician and have them install more outlets. The quote from the electrician is cheaper then the deductible of your homeowners insurance after a fire. By installing new outlets you not only reduce the possible electrical safety hazard in your home, but also upgrade your living space. Outlets today even have USB ports for charging smartphones and other portable devices. Don’t wait until a circuit fries, protect your home.

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